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Okay we moved into this place in

Okay we moved into this place in April and there’s spaces between outside doors and windows. I discovered this spider nest behind our furniture when deep cleaning. (Excuse the dog hair we have two 😅) What is the best way to kill it all besides with fire? We have a baby so I can’t do chemical stuff. Does the bigger one look poisonous? There’s a few bigger ones and I can’t tell if those eggs are hatched or if they’re baby spiders...

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— How did you get so close ?! 😭😭

— Girl I zoomed! 😭 I have cold chills still!

— Vacuum

— I would but I don’t want any hatching or living in the vacuum either!

— Get a can of raid, spray, crack a window and then go out and about for a while.

— This is why I sweep and mop daily and move the furniture especially with white tile “that is a lot of spiders or spider babies “ You really need pest control “especially having children in your home with a new baby

— I usually do too but I’ve been down for a month since baby. I had muscle tears in my hips and stomach and just got back to normal. It only takes one spider to produce that many though. It’s not an infestation I checked everywhere else.

— Burn your house

— Right lol

— @teresha_h, @rmreed, @bodybycheetos, @sherrynygirl, @atyaf01, Dad came home and torched the whole area lol. They’re all dead and vacuumed up now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Thank god 😭😭 I don’t do spiders 🕷