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Anyone that’s got pregnant pretty much straight after having a baby really struggling with their pregnancy this time? I’m finding this pregnancy so difficult😩

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— Yeah its hard work, specially when you've gota little one to look after too he always slept through but night times was terrible for me i kept havin to dive out the bed before i was sick so got hardly any sleep an playing with the baby was so uncomfortable sitton on the floor n things like that but once the babys here u forget how much a stuggle it is.. So keep going its worth every moment 🤗 xx

— Yeah I can’t wait for her to be here now, my first pregnancy was easy but this ones definitely a lot more tiring! Just can’t be bothered to even get my self ready anymore🥴 will definitely be worth it in the end though! I had epidural with my first child so I think that might be why I’m suffering with my back a lot more this time xx

— @jessrowett yeah ive heard that before about bad backs after epidural but i must admit i didnt n my back was wrote off it felt like it needed clicking!! 🙈 What did your little one weigh? My first was 6lb 11 & my second was 8lb 3 so i just presumed it was cos of that.. Just before your due youll get a big burst of energy!! 🤞 Xx

— @tam96, yeah my backs awful! And my first weighed 6lb 11 too!😂 I know I can’t wait for the non stop cleaning to start🤣xx

— Hell yes I am struggling with this baby more x

— 3 years between my pregnancies and I’m struggling!

— Yes! Have a 6 month old and I’m 3 months pregnant. The tiredness is flooring me!