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Does anyone know of a good decent priced fiber mascara. I’m actually wondering if anyone has some little makeup tips for me I work at a Clinic but I get up 3:00 am does any know any tips for my hair and face so I don’t look like a bum that just rose from the dead lol I’m so use to a full face of makeup.

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— No recommendations for fibre mascara cause I don’t think there is a cruelty free one. But that aside, a primer or tinted moisturizer, curled and mascara lashes, and eyebrows for a super quick face.

— A tinted moisturizer?

— @bunny7133, yeah. So it’s like foundation but not as heavy and faster.

— @spookylyn, do you have a recommendation on a brand or any

— Lash paradise is the best mascara on the market!

— @bunny7133, yes! L’Oréal lash paradise

— @lizzzy.beee, is it regular mascara or fiber mascara?

— @bunny7133, just regular I believe but when no other mascara worked for me this one came throughhhhhh for me