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Trying to get Kiara on Soy milk but she won’t drink it 🤦🏻‍♀️ how do I get her to drink it I don’t want to keep paying £15 for a tub every week.

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— Are you mixing it with her formula?

— No.

— @selinasophie, it’s a good idea to start with mixing a bit with her formula and then just gradually do less formula. Also, is there a reason you’re giving her soy and not cows milk?

— @20162019, because she’s got cows milk allergy

— I wouldn’t mix it personally, what I did with my daughter was so alternate I finished the formula tub I had left but I’d give her one bottle formula then the next cows milk but obvs you’d give her soy milk? It’s worth a shot? X

— Yeah I think I will try that thanks you x

— @selinasophie, your welcome x

— Are you trying her with the Soya Growing up milk? There’s Soya sweetened and Soya chocolate milk xx

— Yeah frowning up milk , I’ll see if I can find that one thanks xx

— @selinasophie, It may be worth adding a bit of chocolate powder to it hun xx

— Keep trying she will take it eventually, my son was on soya milk pediatrics thought he had a milk allergy, it was sad watching him refuse it but had to be done. Try it when she is asleep she might take it.

— Try the almond sweetened milk from Aldi Charlie had CMPA and he adventually drank that xx

— My son is nearly two and I still get his on prescription have you asked them? X

— I was going to ask my Dietician to see if they will get the milk she’s on prescription as it’s quite expensive like £13 a tin every week but I will ask as I don’t see the Dietician now till October time x

— Yeah mine are both on it and it’s £22 a tin but they will supply until they’re 2 x