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So my daughter doesn’t know how to pronounce her “s’s” quite yet and my mil thinks it’s because my mom is bilingual and confuses my daughter 🙄. For example this is how she pronounces stuff

Shoes as “Shoosh”
Juice as “Joosh”
Socks as “Shaw-ksh”
Keys as “keesh”

I just think that she’s learning and can’t pronounce stuff perfectly, she’s still a baby. I don’t think my
Mom being bilingual has anything to do with it. She’s barely around my mom and we speak English at home.

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— Sounds like a one year old to me 🤷🏻‍♀

— My daughter did this same thing at one and two and now at three she pronounces her s just fine! Please don’t listen to your mil. 🙄

— That’s how my son pronounces his S’s, thats normal.... My son is a little behind on speech and per pediatrician its because he’s learning 2 languages and will probably take a little longer to talk more.

— She’s one. And no it wouldn’t make her pronounce things differently. It might make her speak spanglish lol

— You're mil is just salty your mom can teach her grandbaby another language. Most kids have trouble with certain letters.

— Omg. My son is 2 and a halfish and still does this. Tell your mil to shut her lipsh.

— Lmao 😂


— My 2.5 year old says those words just like that still lol. She can’t say her P’s & Y’s well’re fine lol

— She's a freaking baby. Of course she's not going to speak perfectly. My daughter's other gma thinks it's cool that she signs and speaks other languages.

— But does being bilingual really affect them because me and her dad speak English and Spanish to her, while my mom and gma are teaching her Korean and mandarin words. We always joke that she's going to be confused but I didn't know it was actually a thing

— She’s a baby the worst that will happen is she may talk like your Mom does for a while because that’s just what she hears. My son has ear problems so he hears differently than we do so that’s how he talks. They talk the way they hear things. It will change as she gets older and builds her vocabulary.