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Anyone NOT get stretch marks on their first pregnancy and get them on subsequent pregnancies? I rubbed my belly with coconut oil and lotion with baby number one and who knows if it helped or not but I didn’t get any stretch marks so I’m wondering if I should do the same or not bother with this pregnancy. My mom thinks I probably won’t get them if I didn’t with baby one.

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— It’s not impossible to get them in subsequent pregnancies because as we age our skin loses its elasticity. But stretch marks are mostly genetics so it’s quite possible you won’t get them this pregnancy either.

— I didn’t get them with my first or second pregnancy but got some with my 3rd. But he was also 2 lbs heavier at birth lol

— I didn’t get any at all in my first pregnancy but in my second I got one 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s on the front of my belly, next to my belly button and super small so you can barely see it

— Thanks mamas! I think I’ll keep up the lotion routine just in case it helped haha. Not that I really care, my mom has so many stretch marks and takes them as a badge of honor, I don’t think I’ll be sad if I get one it’s just nice to not.