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Best way to sterilize a needle? I have to pop this nipple blister and I don’t want to risk infection. All I have are sewing needles.

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— Alcohol.

— Dont be popping no nipple blister. U mean your actually nipples?

— She has to pop it it’s a milk bleb and will only cause clogged ducts and eventually mastitis if it’s not popped

— @mimixtmn oh OK I understand now

— Aw hun it’s still there!!? Goodness 😮 be careful doing that, I’m sure your desperate at this point

— So desperate! My midwife was going to do it but they can’t get me in at any times I’m available so last resort. 😩

— @sectum_sempra, aww boo 😭 soon it will be over, I know it hurts😭

— Alcohol, then swab your blister with alcohol too

— Forming A I don’t have any alcohol. 😭

— Boil the needle or take a match and burn the top of it to kill any bad bacteria then wash it Make sure your boob is clean then pop it

— Next best would be peroxide (that's just my opinion though)

— Burn it then alcohol.

— Is the blister painful? When I had one I just pinched it open and milk came pouring out.

— It’s causing some milk buildup behind it so it’s making my breast a bit heavy and sore. The bleb isn’t painful itself. I thought it was originally but it’s my flanges not fitting right so my nipple was throbbing lol.

— Burn the needle tip And cleanse area you’re going to be piercing