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So I've just finished the last

So I've just finished the last of my Asda wipes (I bulk buy the boxes) & finally seeing how awful the new ones are everyone's been talking about... Definately not fragrance free. They have an odd, not very nice smell to them. Glad I don't need them for bums anymore but I loved the original ones, wonder why they've changed them 🤔

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— I’ve just got a box of these on my first pack lol, they are rather dry imo!xx

— They smell like cat wee. 😂😂 horrible wipes! I get mine from Tesco now 😀

— I only bought the 1pk to try as I'd heard they weren't nice but was hoping they would be ok! @erincharlieconor @nicolemariehooperxo Thankfully I don't go through many wipes but still like a pack in our day bag.

— I can’t notice a weird smell! They do the job and I like the deal so I’m sticking with em 🤪xx

— I like the dove or pampers ones wish I liked different as they are expensive 😕

— I know! I loved how they were before. I couldn’t believe how awful they smell. Anytime I use them I can smell them for ages🤢 I’ve switched over to the nutmeg ones from Morrison’s and they’re much better👌🏼

— I don't think the hubby will swap where we shop due to wipes! Wish we could though 😂 I bought a pack of x4 pampers for £7 I usually get x12 Asda's for £5.70! 😭 @casey19 @kathleenc

— Aldi ones are in their baby event and the best I’ve found especially with 3 mucky pups x

— Their horrible now and it's so annoying as I always shop at asda! I just pop to Morrisons or tesco once a month and buy a big box xx

— I second vix aldi ones are brilliant we have always used Pampers until someone told me to try aldi and they are just as good and we also stocked up yesterday 5x boxes of 12 😂 theh are £5.95 for a box of 12 bargain we now have 60 packs of baby wipes 🙈😂

— I was tempted to try them the other day when I was there, but I'd only gone in for one thing & had already had picked up a bunch of stuff we were going a struggle carrying home! 😂 Will give them a try next time we go 👍

— I hate the opening on the packet now! The wipes seem to dry out and it is so annoying. I am going to try Aldi's later because I've got to get formula anyway xx

— I was using Asda's till they changed now I've swapped to tescos wipes. Similar price and they're great x