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Any mommas have to deal with kindergarten IEP and them trying to put your kid in special ed when they don’t need it they just need a little extra help? I could use advice

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— I have 3 kids with IEPs! Our schools are mainstreamed. They do pull out services.

— @leximdahlin, have you had your IEP meeting yet?

— @squishymommy1, I go Monday

— @leximdahlin, remember you have ALLLLL the power here. Insist for what you want. You are legally entitled to it.

— Put your foot down. They can do pull out like squishy said. They can intervene without him being in special ed classes. Does your son have a case manager outside of the school? If he does you can always request them to attend the meetings and speak for you when you’re having issues.

— I have no clue what that is so I guess he does not and the lady was kinda rude and said as long as he has seizures he will probably be behind all his peers all the time my kids not dumb he just needs help

— @leximdahlin, the school will try to make the iep that they want your son to have. You tell them what you want your son to have. It’s your right. A lot of parents don’t know they can refuse things or add things in that you feel is beneficial to your child. He has legal rights for accommodations in the school setting.

— Yep u can. Refuse!

— I don’t want to refuse service because he does need help just not special ed class help

— @leximdahlin no I ment refuse the special Ed u can

— @pottmouthed_stirredup, oh ok

— My kid does pull out

— I would give it a shot he main still remain on an iep and be mainstream sometimes it’s better for them in the smaller class rooms just untill their caught up

— @leximdahlin, well my sons got an iep and it’s helped him become better in school and at home your his mom you can make the choice if u want him out they can’t say no

— @boymom123, I’m not saying no to an IEP I’m fine with that I’m not fine with them putting him in special ed, also no once you put them in here they fight you every step of the way to keep him in there I’m fine with him getting pulled out of his regular classes like he used to

— @leximdahlin, well do whatever you want your the mom

— If he doesn’t have the need for an IEP but could benefits from help ask the school if they Title 1 services or small group help sessions. As the parent you have the final say. You could also suggest a re evaluation after half the year goes by with some support from assistants, title services, foster grandparents program or any of the others offered in the school. Just a few suggestions if you don’t want an IEP right now. If you do, then yes, like the others say, you have the final word so take their suggestions and make them what will make you happy. And help your babe be successful.

— In fine with the IEP I’m not fine with them trying to put him in a special ed class

— @leximdahlin, ok. Make sure they know that and if they won’t listen then go to principal and then superintendent if you have to!