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My daughter is doing all of this except the 10 words. She’s watching her favorite baby show and they make you do certain things like clap your hands or stomp your feet. She does all of this. Do most 1 year olds do this?

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— Yes, my daughter also says 10 or so words. Her ped said 5 is all they look for though, so if your child isn’t saying 10 it’s okay.

— Yeah she’s saying about 5.

— @livinglovinglife, I don’t remember how many words my son was sayin around their age but I know he was a slow talker. Now the words that comes out of his mouth shock a lot of people. Especially because he uses them in the right content. Kids all do things on their own time. My son walked early, my daughter was a late walker. My son was a late talker and my daughter has a bigger vocabulary than he did. She will definitely do her thing when she is ready.