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So I'm looking into a personal tutor to help Morgan. He's behind in PSED, Literacy/ reading & writing & the teachers say they think he's going to struggle in yr1 as he is struggling now. His teacher mentioned about getting SENCO involved 2days before end of Summer term. But that just meant that they have passed the buck (I mean message) on to his new teacher. Now normally I would be like he'll catch up... But that little niggling feeling is also saying well if he has help to deal with this now then maybe he won't struggle so much later. We all have our strength & weaknesses. But at the same time our children are constantly assessed & put in boxes if they don't succeed at the same rate as others the same age. Anyway no reason of post other then to vent really!

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— Oh and the hubby thinks it's a stupid idea and waste of money. Yes he's only 5. But I struggled all through school. Was behind in every subject and failed every test or barely past. I don't want Morgan to go through school like that if a term of extra torturing could help his confidence & give him a boost... I dunno maybe it is a waste. Feel like it's worth a try 🤷‍♀️

— Extra torturing? Lol. What did you have in mind?! 😂 On a serious note you do what you think is best. I would probably get tutoring if I could afford it for Lexi. She loves school and is very bright. She knows all the letters (can read and write all of them), numbers (she can write all numbers to about 20 and count to more than 50/60 on a good day), she can add and take away but she can only read and write some words. My mum always goes on that she should be able to read and write by now because I could when I was 3. I try and help her at home by practising but maybe she needs more help in school aswell xx

— @karla22 Extra help with reading & writing. I thought maybe a bit of one to one may help. He's never shown much interest in writing, which I never worried about. I figured when he was at school he'd have to do it. And he has progressed a little. He could barely write an M o r when he went to school. He can write his name and copy other letters but isn't writing captions. He isn't reading. He can sound out some words but he pretty much shuts down with me at home. Getting him to read anything is a struggle. I thought maybe a term of one to one with someone who knows what their doing could help him. Hes definitely worse with me. Any time I try to do anything he'll act out to get out of it. But this tutor I'm looking into knows what she's doing! It's more than letters and number now. It's getting him past that so he's ready to do more in yr1. It is expensive & not something I will be doing every week for a year! But her reviews are good & she's helped children catch up within a term what they were struggling with all year. The thing with school is if your good it's ok. If you struggle you get left behind. Like I did. If you end up having learning difficulties you might eventually get assessed and given extra help. But if like me he's just not great at school. You get left behind and I just want to see if a little extra help could boost his confidence.

— I'm a qualified teacher and spent 90% of teaching in nursery and reception years, I would advise you to download the development matters and go off that, tick off what he does frequently and when you get to something he struggles with make it fun, no books and pens, get giant chalk, water and a paint brush, he can write with them, he can write in wet sand etc, give him his own shopping list with easy to read foods, spot signs in the street, I wouldn't pay for a private tutor, his new teacher will have their own teaching style that he may possibly click with and if he does he will bloom, not just that he is still young chances are his fine motor skills may be underdeveloped it may hurt to hold a pen for 5 minutes etc so get the play doh out to strengthen his fingers, he will get there and it's great to see you are not just leaving it to school xxx

— Thank you for your advice 😊 I work with under 5's so I do a lot of the above what you mentioned and do it at home with both of the boys. He likes playdough & is more into drawing now which has helped him develop a little. I always try to make it a fun game because if he gets any sense I'm trying to get him to do something he'll shut down. We have a couple of those orchard games which he likes. Because he's in the go. He likes to build construct be outside. He's not one for sitting & that's what's making it hard. He has to sit & do this stuff at school & he's fighting it.

— I use the EYFS at work & he's still emerging / developing in the 40-60m bracket. Where he should be securing in that age.