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Hi All.
Daughters been fully toilet / potty trained for last 2.5 months. Last few days shes started weeing her pants again all the time?
Anyone else experienced the same?

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— Yes completely normal for them to have a regression. Just go back to how you were encouraging her in the early days. Don't make a fuss over the accidents & she'll get back into the swing of it again.

— Thanks Sara-lou

— Isabella done this when she was first trained, she got unsettled at nursery so it upset her and she started having accidents, I just told her it was fine nothing to worry about everyone has accidents and went back to how I trained her to start with, only lasted a few weeks and she was soon back on track 😊xx

— Thanks. Hopefully be over it soon then xx

— Were currently having the same issue.. He's not even attempting to go sometimes!

— Hets same. Not bothering to go. 🧐