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How do you get your new babies to sleep around your loud ass kids? He’s so grouchy all the time cause he can’t fall asleep and the second he does the kids come parading in and wake him up so I have to start all over again.

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— Kids can go out in the yard to play or have quiet time while baby sleeps

— I vacuumed 😅 and he was so used to sleeping through that so any other noises didn't bother him.

— I’m wondering how life will be for this baby in a couple months bc of this lol

— It’s definitely tough. Between pumping, 2 kids, a newborn, 2 dogs, and being home alone until 3-5pm I’m exhausted and the kids have gotten a little jealous so it’s been tough.

— Be noisy during nap time, as pp said, vacuum have tv up a little louder then normal. Eventually baby will get used to it. My kids all can sleep through a tornado because of this🤣

— We had this struggle. My daughter was just NOT a good sleeper. So we just had to set times when they would have to play quietly or watch a movie or something while the baby napped.

— White noise machine

— We keep our house noisy all the time. When he’s sleeping we use a white noise machine to even out any other noises. He slept through roofers directly above his head. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Daycare. Lol my child can’t sleep when it’s quiet, sometimes I blast music and she’s out for 3-4 hours

— A fan . That noise of it kept her fine . She didn’t care how loud something was as long as she heard that fan

— Yup background noise 24/7. My tribe is loud af tho. 🤦🏽‍♀️