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*picture for attention 16w tmw

*picture for attention 16w tmw *
When did you guys stop losing weight and start gaining weight in your pregnancy? I’ve lost 20 pounds during June when I hit 6 weeks and now I can’t get out of 187 (I was 207 when I found out) they consider me obese which is understandable but idk when I should be gaining a little bit

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— You can actually lose weight while pregnant if your over weight.. Have you spoke to your OB about your concerns?

— She said that until I was in my second trimester then we will talk about how much they would like me to gain but that was when I was 13 weeks I go next week Friday when I’m 17weeks so I’ll have a conversation then I’m just wondering how common it is

— I know a few mama’s personally that lost weight while maintaining healthy pregnancy under their OBs supervision.

— I didnt gain any weigh with my kids until 24+weeks