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At what point should I be concerned with how heavy my period is? I’m going through a super tampon and a pad with the quickness, I don’t remember bleeding this heavily with Jr & to be honest I can’t afford to sit in the ER with the boys. Obviously if it gets way too bad I would go to the emergency room🙄

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— Are you on birth control at all

— @anissacampos88, I hardly bled after s csection bled a lot after a vaginal delivery tho I’ve had bleeding like this could be hormone imbalance

— @boymom123, the nurse called me back and said unless I’m soaking a pad from front to back in an hour plus a tampon then to go in..

— @anissacampos88, and your not then that’s good hopefully it slows down a little

— I’m pretty close to it though 😬 it’ll probably slow down 🤞