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I’m a little confused as to how MAM bottles work? I read the instructions and it says you can’t use boiling water in them?🙈whereas other bottles I’d boil the kettle fill it then wait for it to cool and add the milk powder?
Any info please!

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— I boil the kettle and wait 30 minutes with the lid open and then add to powder. Otherwise if I’m going out I put boiled water in a flask.

— Total bull... I’ve had them since Amelia was born 3yrs ago and use them now with belle the bottle maker puts boiling water first and hasn’t had a problem and when out I would fill it with boiling water my kids are all good so far 😆

— I used these since Aaliyah been born not had any problems with them I put boil water in them and it been fine my daughter nearly 11 month old. U never heard that