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Ladies how did you over come a break up with the father of …

Ladies how did you over come a break up with the father of your child , we been together five years and he told me a few days ago he never had a chance to get a place of his own he moved out his parent house into our place we have now and he wants to know how it feel to be alone . It’s a bit heartbreaking but it is what it is don’t want my son to see me down


— Look me and my ex husband are divorced and we have a 1 year old son together and his dad doesn't make an effort to call or text to see how our son is doing and I have been taking care our son by myself since they day our son was born and we were together for a long time and now he has a gf and lives in bend Oregon and I have a bf and my bf treats my son like he is his and when he gets money he spends it on me and my son not him self and I live in klamath falls Oregon and looking to get into my own place soon

— Let him go! He will learn what it’s like to be alone and eventually will feel what it’s like to be alone. Me and my hubby have been together for our whole 20’s and he pulled that with me. So I let him go. Bet cha he came back a month later lol. Don’t stress it mama things will work itself out with or without him

— Thank you ladies I truly appreciate it I’m currently in school right now I’ll be done in two weeks so I guess perfect timing so that way I can afford bills on my own but I definitely wasn’t expecting things to go this left

— That’s awesome 👏🏽 & yes keep doing good And it’s the summer time Who about to stress OVER WHOOOOOOOO💅🏽💅🏽

— That sounds like an bs excuse, Wouldn’t that be the best moment to get ur first house with ur child and child’s mother?? Girl don’t even stress it, keep doing u and focusing on ur kid and u and goals👏🏽👏🏽 if u ever need someone to talk to I’m hereee😘

— 7 years with my kids dad and I had to break it off it wasn’t healthy :/ it took me a minute to recover but holding on to something like that will hurt you more then help you. You can message me though