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Part of me is super sad and upset that I'm not gonna have the big wedding with the gorgeous expensive wedding dress and the other part of me knows it ain't even worth it because we don't have enough family and friends for it to be financially worth it

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— My husband and I eloped. We have never regretted it! Instead of a ton of stress and money spent, we really had a great time and put a down payment on a house with the money saved. It will work out! :)

— Thank you💞 I think I'm more upset about the dress Tbh 😂 my mom for her marriage to my step dad she had a big traditional gown and it was less than 15ppl at a park We are doing a park but my dress is basically a white sundress and it was $10 👌🏽

— I think Imma end up going to a dress store to try on a bunch of traditional ones to make myself feel better lmao

— My husband and I eloped as well. Then a few years later, I bought a dress , he rented a tux , and he and I went on a cruise to renew our vows because I wanted to have pictures to show our future child(ren). It was just the two of us and we had an awesome time. There is nothing wrong with doing a big fancy wedding or something smaller. The key is that it’s about the two of you .... it’s better to have a beautiful marriage than a beautiful dress/wedding 😉however you decide to do it , congratulations !

— we’re doing a vow renewal in 5 years since we didn’t have a wedding. honestly just glad we’re finally married and i enjoyed my 2 minutes of fame in that court room 😂❤️

— Why don't you just buy a super nice dress as if you are going to Do a big wedding and just celebrate you him And who ever else.

— I'd like to but things arose and it's a super last minute wedding 😂 I'd wear my mom's but it's A. Prob a tad too big and B. I'm not a fan of the red on it even tho it was gorg on her