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Can swelling in the ankles cause some soreness too? Especially when pressing on it? My feet are always fine when I get up but this Ohio heat makes them swell fast. It’s mostly my ankles only.

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— Definitely. Being pregnant in the summer is NOT easy. 🙌🏼

— At all! I remember it with my firstborn she was due a few weeks after this one is and my whole legs swelled up but this time it’s just my ankles on the sides and top of my feet. Walking just makes them instantly sore too. I don’t remember the soreness with my first though. I think I’m going to try an epsom bath later. Summer babies are a challenge for the bodies for sure lol.

— @sectum_sempra, man, I do not miss it. My first came two weeks late in July. The temp was 104° or over every single day for the last two weeks I was pregnant with her. I remember being SO swollen. I made sure when I had my second to try to get pregnant around the time my first turned 3 (July) so that I wouldn’t be pregnant in the summer again. Thankfully it worked. That pregnancy was soooooo much easier than the first. And I firmly believe it’s because I wasn’t pregnant in the summer. I feel for ya. I hope you don’t go 2 weeks late like I did! 😅