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Do anyone know how sensitive these

Do anyone know how sensitive these test are I know I’m not supposed to test as yet but I curve and test and I can swear I see something on it

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— What is the original picture like?? Pics with filters throw my eyes off..

— Here it is I think it’s really hard to see it like this but in person you can see it a tiny bit I think

— I dont see anything, hun. On either picture. Rule of thumb is, if you have to tweak the pic, it's probably negative. Sorry sweets.

— @mississippi.queen, wishful thinking thank you lol

— I’ve seen so many bad reviews on these tests. Both my friends used these and they looked like this and then took an FRER and was blazin positive

— @mb2424, it comes with pregnancy test for facility monitor you can also test for pregnancy

— @kuteluv1, yeah I just read up on it 😊, what I have seen is there’s always a light second line, of it becomes dark is when it will be read as a positive, I personally would wait till the monitor wants you to test. Good luck fingers crossed you get your bfp

— @mb2424, yeah and I’ll wait Thank you

— I used these when I found out about my son. I got a strong positive 4 days before missed period. They have an expiration date and if used after exp date it can give you an inaccurate reading.

— Ok thanks

— I don’t see anything