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Any mommies use powder on their babe who is the same age, or may be around the same age as my daughter?? I just feel like a medicated powder will seal everything so much better when my daughter gets a rash.

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— I use the gold bond baby powder.

— That’s the exact one I was thinking about trying! Do you think my daughter is too young for it? Does it have an age recommendation on it?

— Nope! Mine was about 8 months when a started using it. And it’s doesn’t have a strong smell, and she doesn’t have that pee smell when you change her.

— Ok, sounds perfect! Thank you so much girl

— I used corn starch for any rash or issue awuth my daughter. It would be gone wuthin the day. Her doctor said it was one of the safest options.

— Just apply regular corn starch from the store?

— @mommyof1beauty Yea. Its like an old school technique. Just a little bit not like globs. Groomers use it on dog nails they clipped to short too. You can look it up online and see videos too.

— @karramae, oh wow! That sounds really good and convenient!!! Thank you girl!!