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Ispy bag came on time!!!

Ispy bag came on time!!!

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— I would be so mad that face primer and eye shadow was in a free sample promotion last week. 😑🤔 I got them in mail for free. How much does Ispy charge a month

— Figures lol that's my luck. 10$ I do believe everyone get somthing slightly different[but God knows], this is only my second one

— @monkeysmommax2, yeah I think the main websites were giving those out as samples. But the other stuff may be worth the 10$ a month. Ispy being sneeky asses 🤣

— @westsidemomma I figured the face mask are 2/5 at Walmart and the bags prob 3 so it's got to be close .....and I get mail that isnt a bill for once haha