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Today we get our new pet. Im letting the boys pick out our guinea pig. Decided to try with one then get the other one later down the road.

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— Have you had guinea pigs before? I grew up having them/worked with a breeder for a bit and I just wanted to let you know it may be better to just get both now. While it sounds easier to have one they're actually more demanding because they need a lot more attention so they don't become mean. They also can get territorial so if you do get another you'd have to try and find a really young baby to bond. Sometimes they won't bond later in life. It really depends on your piggy's personality! I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions you can totally message. Enjoy your new fur baby!

— Do you know anything about fleece bedding? Ive been seeing alot of pins on Pinterest about it

— @katattack89 Fleece is nice if you have time to scoop out poop daily and change the fleece probably every other day. I find it gets stinky really quick though and my last little guy was not a fan because he couldn't borrow at all. But then I have friends that swear by it and insist it's cleaner. It is overall cheaper, just a project to upkeep for me anyways lol. I find the paper beddings to be the least stinky and easiest to maintain because it's so light weight.

— @madhatter i got fleece and some newspaper

— We have everything ready even the cage is big enough for 2

— @katattack89 It's totally up to you. Like @bubbys.mommy said, they can be super sweet single pets if you have the time and attention. My first was a single and we were really bonded. Your boys must be so excited!

— My oldest is very excited he just turned 7 and my youngest is 2. I was showing my youngest youtube videos of piggies popping and making noises. He thought they were cute and kept going awwwww. I wanna show them to be gentle and loving.

— @katattack89 That's so sweet. I'm sure they're going to do awesome. Guinea pigs are seriously great for that. The little jelly beans lol. I can't wait to hear what they think

— @katattack89, fleece is what we used for mine and when I had a small hamster we used it for him as well but yes it does stink and stinks fast so you have to clean it like every other day.

— It’s also a good Time to let him out in his ball and roll around for a while

— @bubbys.mommy Omg we ended up getting two girls! On our way home now @madhatter

— So sweet! Congrats!! 💜