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Hi ladies !!!
Has anyone of you had your baby on the same dude date doctor gives you !? Has yours been weeks late weeks early ?? Share .... πŸ€—

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β€” My due date was Jan 5th and I had my son dec 27th at 38 weeks!

β€” πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

β€” My due date was November 1st and I had my son October 18 at 37 weeks 1day

β€” I had my daughter on my due date 😁

β€” I had my son 6days past my due date.

β€” My first was due January 26th and I had him on that day!!

β€” I did with my first child

β€” My first was due October 3rd I had him September 29th , my second was due March 28 and he came March 7th now pregnant with my third she’s due March 21 and will be here February 28th by a repeat c section

β€” My husband will be out of town working..... he’s leaving the 21st of February coming back the 26th. I’m due March 3rd ....... I’m just sad to think he will not be here

β€” My oldest dues date was nov 12 but had him Nov 1 and my 2 child due date oct1 had him sep 20 and my last pregnancy Nov 16 but I got induced on October 18 with my twins

β€” My due date is January 27th but baby will be delivered January 14th, 2 more days!