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Doing my sons theme elephants.....does anyone know where I can find a store that has a wide variety of elephants things (clothes etc) ?

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— I think i saw some stuff at hobby lobby in Visalia @celestea

— @breannrenee, thank you, I will try there

— finally someone on this app in my area lol ! @celestea

— @breannrenee, Im in Visalia :)

— @breannrenee, your from Tulare????

— oh awesome ! @ktkayxo

— and yes @celestecei i live in tulare!

— I'm DOIN the same theme IV found a few things on etsy and at Ross but I'm having too paint the rocker an armore what are your colors

— @lilbit123, I like pastel gray and pastel blue or green....I painting his dresser within these next few weeks

— mines gray an it's like a bright yellow I found these awesome Disney record covers

— That's such a cute theme !

— @octobermama96, thank you, it's a pain finding things but I LOVE elephants lol

— I don't know if you have one where you live but Pier 1 imports has the cutest stuff and I've seen a lot of small elephant decor there

— @octobermama96, I think we do! I will look there tomorrow 😊😊😊 have you started baby shopping yet?

— No because I still don't know the gender and my husband refuses to let us go find out any earlier at a private ultrasound place. Says he doesn't want them to tell us one thing and have it be wrong 😭😭

— @octobermama96, that's what I'm afraid of lol even though they are CERTAIN that it's a boy I don't wanna go out and buy all boy things and it be a girl lol

— I find out next Friday we are having a gender party but I would have chose the theme an colors weather it's a boy or girl

— @lilbit123, yeah I always had the theme picked out, but I found out what the gender was at 13 weeks

— wow are u all Oct babies? this is so cool

— Yeah exactly ! So in that sense I agree with him, lol did they tell you how for sure they are about your baby being a boy?

— @octobermama96, yea 99% lol

— @lilbit123, yes lol

— Oh pshh girl you have nothing to worry about