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Im so mad at myself!! i feel for my baby daddys bs!!! he g…

Im so mad at myself!!
i feel for my baby daddys bs!!! he got me good too! fcken piece of💩
i caught him w/ his lies again.
mirando me la cara de pendeja!


— @growingphoenix, yea trust, never thinks of the baby. yea he wanna be there for her but he doesnt know what he does to me also affects the baby.

— I think all men do that and they will lie lie lie until they can't lie anymore. Shit, ppl in general. He's just being selfish trying to protect himself instead of thinking of your feelings and the baby and just being honest.

— I like you. Hahaha well that's wonderful thing. I am sure you will be just fine (:

— @inkedizzy, oh trust me, im not like that. i know i have to get along for the sake of our daughter. cuz also that gonna make me look bad & i dnt want that

— It's okay. Things don't always work out and we end a lot happier when we realise that. Your daughter will be lucky to be yours. Just one more thing of advice. If he will be around, don't talk bad about him. Your daughter doesn't deserve to grow up hating her dad. You know?

— @inkedizzy, yea i know :/ seems like its never gonna work out. its coo though... ima just focus on my baby girl's arrival. shes all i need

— Don't think of it that way. I get it. I've been there before. Wanting to make it work and wanting to trust the person you love because you want to be with them. But you know the saying "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

— @growingphoenix, yea i am very upset. basically what i said is hes treating me like if im stupid,

— @inkedizzy, Yea i know, its my fault tho cuz im putting myself in that position. its like im asking to get hurt. fck :/ i knoe i havent learned my lesson. cuz look what happened.

— Hun, don't do that to yourself. Think of it this way, would you want your children doing to their partners what is being done to you? No. So don't stick around.

— I don't know Spanish but I can tell your upset! I'm sorry you had to go through that!