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This looks sooo painful 😢😢 I salute to all the mothers ou…

This looks sooo painful 😢😢 I salute to all the mothers out there especially the 1s that gave birth naturally because this right there loookkkks soooo painful


— @melox_90, oh ok lol maybe she was just saying a birth photo versus "my". I was wondering why the questions weren't getting answered about the photographer and what not

— @melox_90, I've had 3 vaginally with epidurals and the thought is definitely more scary than going thru it. it initially feels like you've got to poop then it's time to push. The shoulders is the widest part, once those get thru the rest just follows. The relief on your tummy once the baby is out is amazing... it really is all worth it.

— @rhonda.otero, well i just checked and she has never had a baby she's currently pregnant with her first sooo lol this ain't her baby coming out the vagina

— ....

— Here was the post it caught my attention and she posted it in the notes

— ok cool @rhonda.otero

— Oh wow hold on let me see if I can find her

— whats her username @rhonda.otero because i highly doubt

— @rhonda.otero, really??? were did u see this because i got this off of fb someone shared a pic

— This picture is of a girl on here right? At least I saw a post and she said this was her

— @melox_90, I personally want to go natural myself.. what helped me was watching YouTube videos of different births bad ones and calm ones

— @aphrodite2014, and I'm sooo scared!! lol hubby wants me to go natural

— is it strange that I can't wait to do this!? Haha with everyone saying how hard and horrible it is I still can't wait!

— I felt like I needed to take a big poop lol & I couldn't get it out.. it does feel a bit like a burning sensation

— holy hell. our bodies are amazing!