This week in the app, we chatted with Mombassador and resident doula, Ashanti, @arivera64. She answered questions from moms about the labor process, her life as a doula, and placenta encapsulation.

She is super passionate about her role as a doula and had this to say about it, “I love everything about being a doula. It’s a really special job. To be asked to be a part of one of the biggest moments in a woman’s life is an honor. You have to really gain someone’s trust. Getting to share my knowledge and empowering women is important to me.” -Ashanti

You can catch up on some of the chat below and pop into the app to get your doula and placenta encapsulation questions answered too.

Placeneta encapsulation and everything else you've ever wanted to ask a doula

#MomLifeChats: Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Doulas and Placenta Encapsulation

Q: What is a doula?

A: Doula comes from the Greek word doule, or female slave. A doula provides non-medical assistance to women during her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Q: How long are frozen placenta capsules good for? Do they expire?

A: Placenta capsules should be consumed within 12 months unless they have been prepared TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) -this style can last indefinitely. If your capsules are about to expire, you can turn them into a tincture.

Q: What is the benefit of placenta encapsulation?

A: Some of the main benefits include: establishing a healthy milk supply, balancing hormones, restoring the body’s iron, and helping with pain relief.

Q: Can they do this at the hospital?

A: No, placenta encapsulation isn’t offered at the hospital. You would have to hire someone or process this yourself.

Q: How do you get your placenta into capsules?

A: The placenta is cute into slices and dehydrated in a machine or in an oven. Once fully dried, it is pulverized into powder form and put into capsules.

Q: What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

A: The doula is not certified to perform medical tasks. The midwife is licensed to actually deliver the baby, listen to the heartbeat, etc.

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