So, it seems that our kids are literally making our lives shorter. According to a study conducted with a group of women ages 20-44, those who had given birth to children were biologically older than those had not. 


Because the study wasn't designed to look at the reasons behind the link, it was hypothesized that the high levels of stress from having children and raising them were the culprit in the excelerated aging.


There is a plan to continue the study to include women prior to getting pregnant, during pregnancy, post-partum and later in the parenting years to get a true sense of the effects of having children on a woman's biological age. They also want to look at adoptive mothers and compare their stress levels to see if it affects their biology in a similar way. 

So, the question is, does this information surprise you and does it really matter? 

Pregnancy, childbirth and the rearing of children is, as my oldest once said 'a big job'. From the lack of sleep, lack of self-care, to the endless worry and the need to consistently strategize how to best raise these little humans – it doesn't come as a shock that we moms are aging quicker. Sure, it would be lovely if we could lighten up the stress that is often associated with the act of mothering our little love bugs, but the fact that it's aging us quicker, is not a surprise. 

Is it worth it? 

In this mom's opinion, yes. 

Would I do it all over again with this new information in mind? 


As a mother, I have experienced love in a way that I would have never experienced otherwise. I have learned more about myself as a woman, and what I am capable of by going through pregnancy, birth and these first eleven years of child rearing than I believe I would have in any other experience in my life. Being responsible for the raising of another person (three in my case) is a big undertaking, but one I am proud to have taken on as a part of my life's course.

So, I'll take the loss of potential years on my life.


Am I sad to see those gray hair popping up earlier than expected? Sure. Would I change anything about having my girls? That's a big no. 


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