New mom hacks are what we in the parenting space call gamer changers.


Because new mom life can be as chaotic as it is sweet.

You are instantly thrust into this world where a tiny person who can’t control his own body or use words to communicate is relying on you, a relative novice in the world of figuring out what people who can’t speak or move want, to meet each and every one of their basic life needs.

It is overwhelming. It is exhausting. And, is is empowering.

At least on the days you win.

There are few things more prideful for a mom than a mom win -and yes, that could simply mean a day everyone survives without any massive breakdowns of any sort.

Wins can at times seem out of reach, but these simple new mom hacks may help get you there.

New mom hacks you'll be glad someone told you

10 New Mom Hacks You’ll Be Grateful Someone Told You

Release the Beast

In the event of a blow out, or a baby who simply hates having things pulled over her head, use those onesie shoulder flaps the way nature intended -to open up the neck so you can peel the onesie downwards and prevent poop-in-hair-or-on-face syndrome.

Double Duty Those Socks

You can get those teeny baby mittens that are super cute, or, when you lose all of those, you can just slide baby socks onto their hands. They work just as well (sometimes better) at keeping flailing, out of control baby hands from scratching their own faces, or yours, with those razor sharp nails.

Download a White Noise App

In the olden days, we had to turn on a fan or a vacuum or some other labor intensive, totally annoying sound maker to produce the same effect. Just Google white noise app and a bunch of free ones will pop right up.

Two Cars, Two Car Seat Bases

You went through all of the trouble of having it installed safely by the handsome fireman and, as much as a return visit to check in on Mr. McSteamy sounds, it is also firmly in the new mom category of “ain’t nobody got time for that” once baby arrives. Save yourself a bunch of trouble and worry by getting a seat for your car and dad’s (or whomever else will be hauling baby around a bunch) from the get go.

Skip the Snaps

Those sleeper suits have soooooo many snaps and a kicking, hangry baby is not here for you and your snapping. Put baby in the open gowns with footie pants for colder days at home -easy access will save you a ton of trouble and wrath from your newborn.

Bathe Baby in a Basket

You may not be able to put baby in a corner, but you can totally put her in a basket! This one won’t really work until baby can sit up alone (and then you still need to be within arm’s reach at all times), but it’s a great substitute for a flimsy baby seat and it keeps baby and toys contained so there’s no reaching and tipping.

Make It Mobile

Use plastic baskets with handles to carry essentials (diapers, wipes, diaper cream, nursing pads, etc) so you don’t have to keep going up and down the stairs for supplies or clutter every room with more baby stuff. Just carry your little tote where you need it.

Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items

Burp cloths are a great example. You can use a onesie, or a cloth diaper if you have them. That cute crib set? Take that off the registry too. Babies are safest without blankets or bumpers so you won’t even be using them until your child is much older. By then, you’ll probably be more worried about getting him to sleep than how cute his room is. Wipe warmers make the don’t need list too. Yes, wipes can be cold, but you can just palm them in your hand for a couple of seconds to get them to comfy-for-a-baby-bottom temp.

Make Meds Go Down Easily

Those green pacifiers everyone gets at the hospital with the hole in the back are the perfect answer to babies who like to spit out the yucky stuff. Make the hole in the nipple a teeny bit bigger and then use a medicine dropper in the hole to push the med in. Baby will suck them right down.

Go Hands Free

Get yourself a baby carrier and wear it even when you’re in the house. If baby is just struggling with the whole idea of not being inside you anymore and is really only happy when close (and by close we mean touching) don’t feel silly strapping that carrier you got for trips to the zoo on over your jammies so you can get a few things done -like making breakfast (shouldn’t have to say this, but maybe microwave your meal when you’re baby carrying so no one catches on fire) or checking your app.

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