Stop the ignorance now!

Regardless of how you deliver your baby, C-section or vaginal, you are still a mother. Too many people have misconceptions about C-section moms. Some is unintentional but many of these uninformed comments can be quite offensive and hurtful. And they are completely missing the fact, that the most important thing is that both the mom and baby are healthy and happy.

Here are six things you should not say to a C-section mom.

“Too bad you couldn’t have a normal birth.”

Many cesareans are performed because of health concers or in emergencies to ensure the health of the baby, mom or both. But it doesn’t matter. There should be no shame or regret over the C-section.

“A cesarean is way easier than a vaginal birth.”

It’s major abdominal surgery and many moms have gone through hours of labor and pushing before the C-section. Postpartum after a cesarean is not easier or better. It’s different and both should be honored.

“A c-section is an awful experience.”

Why put the spotlight on negatives? Many women with twins or preeclampsia, understand in advance they may have cesareans. Let’s focus on the blessing of birth and baby.

“Sorry you missed out on giving birth.”

Please no more mom shaming. #noshame

“You’re lucky you had a c-section…”

Having a baby is an intense journey for any mom. It’s not lucky or better. A C-section is one way of giving birth, but the outcome is the same. You get your beautiful baby in your arms.

“You’ll never have a regular birth next time.”

Approximately 60 to 80% of women are able to have a vaginal birth after c-section or VBAC.

Each pregnancy and delivery is unique, and we should celebrate moms. Stop the mom shaming and the insensitive comments!

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