One of the telltale signs of the end of pregnancy is nesting – an innate need to prep for baby by cleaning everything. At least, that’s what our moms told us:

“When I had about a week left I started nesting. I organized everything from the baby’s stuff to shoes to food in the pantry… I reached a whole new level of nesting…to this day I swear all the cleaning sent me into labor.”

“I've started cleaning things I've never cleaned before, I don't want anything that can harm my little triple threats.”

“I've washed all my daughters clothes from socks, to headbands, to everything else.I washed all her bottles, put up the crib, stroller and the car seat is ready to go. I have diapers stocked up for four months. If she were to come today, we would literally have everything for her. Her room is spotless. Everything else is spotless”

“I was crazy about my house staying spotless with my last pregnancy. Everything had to be in its home. Between contractions I yelled out ‘oh no!’ My husband and the nurses thought something was wrong and rushed to my side asking what was wrong, to which I replied, ‘We left the house without doing the dishes!’ The nesting instinct hasn't completely dissipated yet. I feel like my house has got to be ship shape for my kids to properly destroy it – haha.”

“I nested around 30-weeks with each pregnancy. I would wash all newborn, 0-3 mo clothes, baby bedding, anywhere baby would touch, bought plenty sanitizer, bleach, cleaning tools, organized all clothes (color coded) and put them neatly away. I set up the bassinet, packed baby's bag, put bouncers together and the play yard.”

With this in mind, we went on the hunt to find you some great hacks, tips and resources for making this process the most efficient, safe and effective for you:

  • Declutter and deep clean your home a little at a time with this checklist from Cornerstone Confessions – keeping in mind that some items on the list should be assigned to a non-pregnant family member. If you’re up for some decluttering, try out this checklist using the popular Konmari method to focus your attention.
  • Start stocking diapers now by setting up diaper auto-delivery with Amazon. They offer a 20% discount for regular deliveries through their Prime membership. If you’re a fan of shopping online, their Prime membership offers regular free shipping and is well worth the fee.

  • Wash and organize your baby’s clothes through the first year with these handy systems curated by One Crazy House. Out of space or no closet to speak of? Try this solution using a bookshelf to create one.

Share your nesting tips, tricks and stories in the app, a social network filled with other moms who are decluttering and deep cleaning in preparation for baby! Make friends, chat and share. 


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