Mombassadors’s Guide to the Mombassador Program

Hey Mom Friends!

We launched the app with the goal of being the best place for new and expecting moms to meet and chat.

Nailed it!

Mostly thanks to all of you amazing moms who help bring our platform to life on a daily basis!

We are so excited so many of you want to be an even bigger part of the mission of helping modern moms connect and we are super excited to have your awesome selves here supporting us. As you go out into the world and work your magic by recruiting your mom friends to the app, we know you’re going to help us make it an even better place for moms to make friends, and get much needed support, advice, and information.

It’s sort of a big deal, but we know you’re down for it.

Let’s do this, Mamas!

Who are we?

We love the app and love sharing it with new friends. Mombassadors help with’s mission to create a support network for the modern mom. We represent in our hometowns. We help connect moms, grow friendships, and we offer app feedback and ideas. And most of all we’re pillars of the community!

What do Mombassadors do?

Spread the word about! We want to make sure other moms are getting the same awesome support and friendship we’ve found.

Using a unique invite link, invite your mom friends to the app –  online groups to mommy and me classes to your prenatal yoga class!

Wear our swag with pride, even when we’re sleep deprived!

Help with trusted feedback, share our stories and offer advice and support to moms in the community.

Organize events in our city and nationwide.

What do Mombassadors get?

  • Mombassador-only swag like T-shirts, travel coffee mugs (a lifesaver after those late night feedings), hoodies and more.
  • Invites to private groups in and special badges and profiles in the app.
  • Shout outs and features on’s website, social media and email newsletters.
  • Represent in online groups, local meetups and wherever you go.
  • Early access and sneak peeks to new app features and builds. Offer feedback and voice to future updates and marketing campaigns.
  • Opportunity to be nominated and apply to Mombassador exclusive offers.
  • First dibs on job and internship opportunities.
  • Access to partnerships with brands

How do I become a mombassador?

Invite 10 moms to and you’re in! Find your custom link within the app. Go to your profile page and tap the top invite icon and starting inviting new moms! And unlock higher Mombassador prizes the more you invite and the more positivity you bring to the community.

Need help? Check out our Super Mombassador tips and our Frequently Asked Questions.

Email us to ask questions, comments or suggestions.