Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Super Mombassador?

We’re looking for awesome moms that love the app and are willing to help share our social campaigns, post about us on social media, bring positivity to the app community and who may be interested in hosting local events to promote

Check out the requirements and fill out an application form to be considered. The application is here.

Always use your unique link from the app to invite your friends to be counted! Just go to your profile page and tap Find mom friends to get started. 

Earn Awesome Swag

I Swag

10 referrals = T-shirt or onesie, plus private Mombassador group in and in-app badge and heart next to your name

25 referrals = Travel coffee tumbler, plus blog and newsletter shoutout

50 referrals = Shorts or yoga pants

100 referrals = Phone case

150 referrals = Hoodie (automatic with Super Mombassadors)

200 referrals = Diaper Bag

1000 referrals = Playdate with the team

5 Tips to Get Your Super Mombassador Skillz Going

Mom Groups

We’re all part of them –  birth classes to playdates to online groups. Share your experience about and have moms join with your invite link.

Super Mombassador tip from Kimberly, “We’re a strong knit community of moms of all backgrounds with love for our children as our common ground. We’re a kickass group of moms and that’s a good enough reason to join”

Social Media

You’re a Mombassador – it’s okay to brag! Take a selfie with your gear for your profile pic and add your invite link to your social media. Share our emails to give your friends a glimpse into what is all about.

Got a YouTube channel or blog, it’s even easier! Write about and tell moms how it helped you and why they should join. Add a hyperlink with your invite link.

Super Mombassador tip from Erin, “I feel there’s so much I can say on social media, but I can go  and vent on and I won’t be judged. I won’t be talked down for having natural feelings. It’s being read by mom who’s been there or will be there.”

Don’t be shy

Just think of your own routine! Doctor’s offices, daycare/preschool, your local coffee shop (we caffeine), book club, baby music classes, park days… Create your own group in with these moms.

Super Mombassador tip from Heera, The app is the place where I can go with moms I can relate to. I love being able to help people and being involved in the community.

Work Friends

Keep in touch with all the moms at the office, or share your status with fellow WAHMs on Invite your co-workers and PM them anytime!

Super Mombassador tip from Meghan, “I love the moms on the app. I lost friends when I became pregnant, and I’ve met so many people that I feel connected to. I love the support and got so much help from the app. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Help, what should I say?

We’ve got you covered. We have a simple invite template in the app, and you just add your personal touch!

Super Mombassador tip from Ashanti, Tell moms it’s a place where so many people can relate to the same things. It’s easy to use and navigate, and there are opportunities to help others by becoming a group leader or Mombassador.

Here are some more add-ons our top Mombassadors wanted to share:

  • is like Facebook just for moms
  • There’s awesome T-shirts and swag for Mombassadors only
  • We have giveaways and contests for mom and baby gear
  • Find your besties and get all your pregnancy and baby questions answered
  • Never be alone again!
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