Got a question? Here are some common questions and answers about’s Mombassador program.

How do I become a Mombassador?

Invite 10 moms to the app and you’re in!

If my friend clicks on my invite link but doesn’t join, does it count toward becoming a Mombassador?

Your friend needs to download the app and register for it to count. Then once she joins, she’ll automatically follow you. You can chat privately and keep in touch through!

How will moms in the app know I’m a Mombassasor?

Once you become a Mombassador, you get a special badge on your profile for everyone in the app to see!

How do I know if the moms I’ve invited to the app joined?

Be sure to invite your friends from the app or use your unique invite link. 

These links are trackable and we can see how many moms have joined by your invite.

From the app, go to your profile page and tap Find mom friends. Then invite via social media, text, email or copy and paste your link. Add your own personal message and tell moms why they need to join

I don’t know who to invite. What should I do?

We have a Super Mombassador tips sheet here to help.

What if someone cheats with the invites?

Cheaters never win! We want real moms to join and be part of the community. The community doesn’t gain anything and the cheater doesn’t either. And the mom will lose her Mombassador status.  

How do I connect with other Mombassadors?

Once you become a Mombassador, you’ll be invited into a private group in and meet other Mombassadors!

I love being a Mombassador but I want to help more.

YES! You can become a Super Mombassador. You’ll need to be nominated by another Mombassador and fill out an application form to be considered. We’re looking for awesome moms that love the app and are willing to help share our social campaigns, post about us on social media, bring positivity to the app community and who may be interested in hosting local events to promote The application is here

What kind of gifts do I get as a Mombassador?

We have all kinds of Mombassador-only swag (and special prizes for super Mombassadors too). Check them out here.

Can I purchase more swag for my friends?

We do have a shop for T-shirts and onesies, but most of our swag is exclusive for Mombassadors only. You can earn them by inviting more friends to the app (add link). Here’s the link to our shop.

How much time should I spend promoting

It’s really up to you. Promote the app as much as you can!

Does monitor my social media posts?

All we ask is for Mombassadors to always be supportive and respectful toward the community. If a social media post, article or video is disrespectful or if you’re spamming other websites, will ask you to take them down, and you may lose your Mombassador status.

Want to become a Mombassador? Your first step is to download the app  (it’s free!) and join the community! Then invite your friends.

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