Actress Busy Phillips recently reminded us that mom life is no joke and the struggle is so very real.

She posted a pic of herself, loaded down with all of the things a few weeks ago, and made moms every say, “Yes! That’s mom life!”

The photo, showing Busy carrying bags and all manner of accoutrements, was accompanied by this caption:

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“I’m getting an MRI on my right shoulder tomorrow because I’ve been having so much pain for the last several months. Everyone has been asking how I injured it and I don’t have a good answer. BUT THEN I JUST CAUGHT MY REFLECTION WALKING UP TO MY HOUSE. I THINK I FIGURED IT OUT GUYS. I’M A MOM.” -Busy Phillips

And as I read it and screamed YASSS, GIRL, YASSSS at my screen, I got to thinking about all of the ways mom life has injured me.

Like, actually resulted in physical injury to my personal body.

Sure, most of them were my fault, but I wouldn’t be a mom if I didn’t also find a way to sort of blame my kids for them too.

The Mom Life Injury: 4 Real Ways Being a Mom Hurts Like a Mother

The Sacrifice Tail Bone Injury

Sustained more times than I can count when my mom instincts kicked in and caused me to sacrifice my own well being for the sake of the baby. Most frequently known to occur when attempting to exit one’s home, in a hurry, as usual, baby and various other items in arms, this injury is most often sustained when mom missteps and takes a tumble down a short flight of stairs. Instead of tossing baby into the wind in order to use her arms to break her fall, mom, thoughtful goddess that she is, elects instead to bear the brunt of the fall on her bottom so she can use her arms to clutch her baby protectively to her. Usually results in one’s inability to sit comfortably for a number of days which, fortunately, she rarely has time to do anyway.

The Proving You’re Still Cool Injury

Often known to occur when mom’s children are of an age to judge her, this injury can be sustained in a variety of circumstances. Most notably, this may occur while trying to show that one can still ride a bike with no hands, do a back flip on the trampoline, or a toe touch, just like in high school. Injury to the back, shoulder, inner thighs, and pride have been reported.

The No One Ever Puts Things Away Injury

Usually a result of items (yes, Legos, I’m looking at you) left in ridiculous places at  night time, these injuries, though minor, can be extremely painful and highly frustrating. While preventable, injury in this way is highly common and wide spread suffering has been reported among households with young children.

The Bed Sharing with Your Toddler Injury

As there is no ergonomically correct way to bed share with a toddler who insists on sleeping horizontally in the bed (think head in husband’s butt, feet in yours), this injury will be sustained via prolonged co-sleeping.

Here’s to getting a massage in this Mother’s Day, mamas!


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