What defines the modern mother?

What are her goals and how does she see herself?

How does she differ from her mother in her parenting approach?

We at mom.life decided to dig into this a bit by surveying our moms in the mom.life app.

What we found was that many of our moms are paving their own way and they don’t settle for specific labels that tie them into one parenting ‘type’. Of the over 380 moms surveyed in the mom.life app, the consensus on their ‘mom life’ was that they:

  • Don’t place themselves under one parenting ‘umbrella’ – labels are generally avoided.
  • They embrace some things from their parents but, they pride themselves in paving their own way.
  • The mom.life moms were most like their moms when it comes to traditions, but they differed the most from their moms when it comes to discipline.

The stand out trend in our survey was the rise of the work at home mom (WAHM).

According to our survey of our moms, about 50% are currently working in some capacity. Of that percentage of working moms, nearly half reported that they are WAHMs – unlike their mothers before them.  

60% of our moms reported that their moms worked full-time while they were growing up. Of that number over 70% worked outside of the home, and among those who were employed, less than 17% were able to work from home.

It is becoming apparent that modern mothers favor flexibility. This is no doubt due to the growing gig economy and increasingly relaxed attitudes about remote work. Many employers are seeing the benefit of allowing a flexible schedule and/or one that offers moms the option to work where they choose.  

Despite more options for working moms who want flexibility, finances were the leading source of their stress.

When it comes to relieving stress, respondents cited speaking with friends 57% followed by sharing on mom.life 48% and working out 40%. 

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