There are currently 16 million millennial moms in America raising babies which, in our opinion, means they have a lot to say about modern mom life. However, despite the fact that millennials are a major part of the modern mom population (16 million moms fall into the millennial category), they as a group have historically gotten a bad rap, and their parenting is not free of criticism.

They are said to be the group that doesn’t want to work hard, that don’t like taking advice from people with experience, and that buck tradition.

Totally true, when you think about it.

Modern moms don’t want to work harder because they don’t have to! With modern technology and the numerous other resources available to them, they don’t have to look hard or far to find solutions to their daily issues. They can instead spend that not working time enjoying their families and engaging in meaningful activities.

And, it’s not that they don’t take advice from people with experience, it’s just that they take it under advisement, and combine it with their own experience and proven research to ensure they are doing what is best for themselves and their families.

And tradition? Some traditions continue to be meaningful to millennial moms, but they are also not afraid to create their own.

So, what’s wrong with that?

We say nothing!

It is what makes this generation one filled to bursting with healthy, happy babies.

And modern moms are pretty darn happy too.

Sure, they continue to experience stress (raising kids is stressful no matter how easy you try to make it), but they are doing a lot of things to make life with kids a more enjoyable experience.

Starting with playing it smart!

10 Ways Millennial Moms Work Smarter, Not Harder

Modern Moms Use Their Resources

From other moms to the entire Internet, moms of today have access to countless amounts of information and resources and they aren’t afraid to use them.

Modern Moms Access Technology for All of the Things

Today’s technology means that people can automate things they couldn’t before, but it also means that people can have more time to focus on the things they care about. Moms of today use technology to help streamline and simplify their lives so they can focus on the things that matter to them most. From helpful services to time saving apps like, moms know where to go to get things done.

Modern Moms Stand Up for What They Believe In

Women’s rights, maternity leave, environmental issues, politics. Millennial moms have strongly inserted themselves and their needs into countless conversations to help influence decisions in ways that will benefit them and their families for generations to come. They are doing smart work now to make life easier and better.

Modern Moms Work More From Home

In our recent survey about the modern mom, we learned that almost half of our working moms work from home. This new trend allows moms to spend less time commuting and doing unnecessary tasks and more time creating a work product they are proud of. It also allows them to be a more involved part of their day-to-day life with kids.

Modern Moms Require More Involvement from Their Partners

Also on the rise, the involved dad! Modern moms have much higher expectations for their partners when it comes to helping out with the kids, the home, and family life in general. And don’t even get us started on the awesome rise of the SAHD!

Modern Moms Find Support From Other Moms

Motherhood is known to be an isolating and lonely experience, but modern moms are finding ways to break this mold. From using apps like to connect with like-minded women to creating and reading parenting blogs, the new mom of today can easily find a connection with others experiencing the same things with the swipe of a finger or click of a button. And so many of these online connections translate into real world ones too!

Modern Moms Leave the Judging to Their Mothers

Millennial moms have come to appreciate that there is no “right” way to parent. There is no “one size fits all” parenting and modern moms don’t want to be labeled in a certain way. They take what fits for their family and leave the rest meaning they can be a little helicopterish at the new park, but super free rangey at the one by their mom’s house. And the same goes for family life -millennials moms aren’t as concerned with the traditional family expectations -a mom and a mom, a single mom, a stay at home dad -all good in the modern mom hood. This new approach and acceptance allows millennial moms to enjoy a less stressful parenting experience. They aren’t trying to fit into a bunch of norms and expectations, they don’t need to please others with their choices, they’re just trying to be the best parents for their babies based on what feels right for them. And, Google. Always Google!

Modern Moms Are Not Ashamed to Admit They Need Help

This explains the prominence of post-partum depression in the mental health discussion. Women are standing up for themselves, making their needs known, and seeking help. Their desire to be better mothers and healthy women has meant that this, and other, mental health issues moms face are getting the needed awareness and treatment options that moms of the past didn’t have access to.

Modern Moms Know the Importance of Recharging

They  like to work out, spend time connecting with other mothers, and appreciate the value of self-care. They understand that recharging and taking time for themselves keeps them human, productive, and ready to slay the mom game.

Modern Moms Simplify

Pretty sure a millennial coined the term minimalist! Modern moms appreciate streamlined systems, and they want to use brands and technology that simplify their lives and support them and their family in achieving greatness on the daily. They don’t want to waste time in places that aren’t important and they seek to eliminate the need to be distracted by elements of home and work life that take away from family time.

Are you a modern mom? Download the app today and join us and our group of nearly 1 million modern moms like you!

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