Every modern mom has probably heard from their moms and their mom’s mom about all of the ways their mom life was harder.

Modern technology and general improvements in daily life are to blame.

But, there is also this idea about simpler times. Everyone laments days gone by when pressures and expectations for moms and children were different -times when kids could be kids and moms just had to make sure that happened.

Totally an oversimplification of a larger phenomenon, but you get the point -while some elements of life today make living it easier, there is a lot to be said about past times when life was less hectic and there were fewer pressures upon mom and the family.

Because breaking all of that down is entirely too much to undertake on a blog for busy moms, let’s reflect on the things every modern mom can all relate to, and laugh.

Modern Mom Life Then vs Now: 10 Things Our Moms Had to Mom Without

Digital Cameras

Moments had to be captured with memories because you could never count on your mom actually getting a good photo with her camera.

Cell Phones


Which means no chatting with your mom friends on mom.life, no looking up what time Chipotle opens for lunch, and no texting your husband from the baby’s room to tell him to bring you more wipes when you’re in the middle of a major blow out clean up.



So when you were hurt or sick, your mom and dad probably spent a lot of time hoping you’d live. If you weren’t gushing blood or passed out, you probably didn’t need to see a doctor.

Gender Predicting Ultrasounds


Everything was yellow. Or teal. Or white. Because you were just having a baby -gender TBD in the delivery room.

Baby Monitors

modern mom bay monitor

You had to risk being seen and walk into the room if you wanted to know if baby was awake.

Safe Car Seats


Or, car seats at all. My mom brought me home from the hospital in her arms and strapped me to the bench seat next to her when she needed to run to the store. Safety first is definitely a mantra adopted by later generations of parents.

Noisy Toys


Moms of the past are totally winning in this department. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to punt giggling Elmo into my backyard. If you love a mom, give her toys that don’t need batteries, or a device, to run.



You had to *gasp* hand write *gasp notes or *double gasp* call on the phone *double gasp* to give or get information from people. Moms of today know, ain’t nobody got time for that.



They’re informative, they save time, and they make life better. Before apps you had to like write stuff down to remember it, turn on your TV to watch a show or a movie, and turn on your radio to listen to music. You had to go out to see your friends, get a cookbook to make something new for dinner, and bust out Monopoly to enjoy a game. If you wanted to track your calories you had to write them down, and if you wanted to count your steps I guess you had to do that in your head?!


Was life even funny before memes became a thing? How did moms parent before they could appropriately laugh at the state of their lives?

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