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Right after I had my baby, one of my friends called to congratulate and told me that she was newly pregnant. This was her first baby and she was excited, nervous, thrilled and overwhelmed all the same time. I assured her that women had been having kids for eternity and she will be fine too. That day between all the chores I kept thinking, what if there was a list of all the little things that could make pregnancy a smoother sail for moms and so I started to compile the list. Since that friend and I spoke regularly, the list was redundant to her and I eventually gave up on it. Recently I found this list again while organizing my files and it became the inspiration for Kisserra.

What is Kisserra you are wondering! Here is a little info about my new baby- Kisserra. The idea behind Kisserra is to bring a smile and a pleasant surprise to pregnant and new moms every month. Kisserra boxes begin from the first month of pregnancy and go until the baby’s first birthday. The subscription can be easily started or canceled at any time. Each box is tailored to mom’s due date or baby’s birthday so each box is perfect for that time. At Kisserra, we do very extensive research and include safe, healthy and mostly natural and organic products in our boxes. These products range from safe and organic options for everyday essentials to solutions for minor discomforts to items that pamper both mom and the baby.

So here are the things that I swore by during my pregnancy and some more- the new innovations and launches recently that I think are super cool. We include most of these products and much more in our Kisserra boxes.

First Trimester: 

Some women just glow and sail through the first trimester, if you are one of those, good for you. But if you are like me or most other women, you may be battling, Nausea, indigestion, heartburn and terrible mood swings.

If you did not start prenatal vitamins preconception, you will need to start one soon after you find you are pregnant. There are many multivitamins on the market, MegaFood Baby and Me and baby prenatal vitamins, such as One a Day prenatal, Enfamil Expecta prenatal and much more. Choose one that has omega 3 and DHA.

Being an avid reader, I got some good books to read about pregnancy and childbirth.

  1. What to expect when you are expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
  2. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
  3. Pregnancy childbirth and the newborn by Ann Keppler, Janet Whalley, and Penny Simkin These books provided pregnancy milestones, what was expected during this time and some tips and tricks. It was very reassuring to know that the common pregnancy symptoms I was going through were normal, though I must admit I did not finish any of them. Being a busy mom, online resources such as web MD were great for a quick search on any concerns.

For Nausea, my mom advised me to drink ginger honey tea and I got myself Psi bands too. Psi bands are wristbands that come in different colors. It uses acupressure to relieve nausea. Together these two did help a little. If you do not want to make your own tea, Bundle organics has its nausea relief tea which is just as good. It has lemon orange and ginger to help with nausea, heartburn, and digestive issues in the first trimester of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, I made a conscious decision to stay away from harsh chemicals and perfumes and found natural alternatives for products used around the house. While we come most in contact with everyday essentials, these are the products that often get least of our attention. I did online research and made special efforts to read the labels of any lotion, cream or toothpaste that I purchased. I found Nourish organic body lotion, EO organic deodorant, and Badger SPF 30 Zinc sunscreen to be safe and have stuck to using these.

It was around this time that I invested in a good water bottle too. It is very important to keep hydrated throughout pregnancy and I never left the house without my water bottle.

I don’t remember ever taking a nap before I got pregnant. With the body working hard to support the fetus I felt tired by the afternoon and loved to curl up with a good book or just listen to my favorite music and doze off. Good books and music also helped me alleviate mood swings when administered at the first sign. Since then gift cards for Barnes and Nobles and iTunes has been my gift of choice for a pregnant girlfriend or cousin.

Something else that helps with the mood swings beside helping you stay fit and improve gastric function is light exercise. I have never been a big fan of gym workouts. Dance has been my passion and provided good exercise as a bonus. As the pregnancy progressed I had to put my dance practice on hold instead I discovered a new joy- walking followed by light yoga. I got a yoga mat, comfortable yoga clothes and a good pair of walking shoes. Those shoes were probably one of the most important purchases during pregnancy. I practically lived in those shoes as they were very comfortable slip on and as the pregnancy progressed and the feet were swollen.

While your baby bump may not be visible to others, you may find it hard to get into your jeans and pants. Belly Belt is a very useful device for that short period of time between regular clothes and maternity clothes.

Second Trimester:

The second trimester was comparatively much easier for me. The nausea was gone and I had more energy. This time was all about taking care of myself and enjoying my pregnancy.

The baby was growing and so was my belly and I could feel the skin stretching on my belly. If you are using your regular body lotion you may find that it’s not helping much. It certainly was the case with me. So after a quick google search, I got myself belly butter. It made a huge difference in how my skin felt on the belly and I stuck to it through the rest of my pregnancy. I bought Burt’s bee Mama bee belly butter, but there are several brands available in stores- Palmer’s cocoa tummy butter being one.

If I really truly enjoyed my pregnancy, it was the second trimester. I had more energy and I could easily move around so we did some traveling before the baby came. I could eat well so I enjoyed the foods I loved but also was mindful of the right nutrients and balanced diet. I added more protein to my diet and since I did not have nut allergies I snacked on a variety of nuts. One of my favorites was Sahale snack bags. Good Bites all organic date cookies and Pure organic fruit bars are perfect for snacking anytime.

Fruits and veggies are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. If you are not big into them, juicing can provide most of the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies. Bundle Organics has several juice blends that can supplement vitamins and minerals in your diet and are fortified with folic acid, calcium and Omega 3 too.

While in the first trimester, I was so miserable that I did not even care about how I looked I was able to regain some of my fashion sense in the second trimester. I did shopping for maternity clothes from Motherhood and H&M maternity clothes and felt more like myself.

I am rarely seen without my favorite lipstick but during pregnancy, I stayed away from any makeup that was not natural. I found Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms which were all natural and safe to be used during pregnancy and stuck to them even after the baby was born. Since then Burt’s Bees has come up with lip crayon and Badger has launched its own lip tint and shimmer which is now my favorite.

After a long day’s work, I loved soaking my feet in warm water and applying body oil and lotions to my arms and legs. One of my favorite body oil was the EO Essentials Botanical Body Oil. There are many body oils available today that are safe for pregnancy including-Honest body oil, Basq body oil, Burt’s Bees mama bees body oil.

Third Trimester:

The third trimester is the home stretch of pregnancy but also the most challenging one. By this time, you have gained weight and the baby has grown in size. This creates pressure on your back and it’s hard to sit or even lay down. I also felt pressure in my lower abdomen and pelvis and it was hard to be on my feet for even a short time. To relieve pressure on the lower abdomen and back I got myself pregnancy support belt also called belly belt. It was really helpful in keeping me functional during this time. Gabrialla, AZMED, and Bracco are some brands for maternity belts and can be found on Amazon. I also put a thick pillow under my knees while I lay on my side. There are body pillows specifically for this purpose from Boppy and Leachco.

It was around this time that I found a wooden roller massager a simple nifty device but it was a handy tool to soothe aching muscles of the back and legs. I started developing varicose veins around the time of my third trimester. It made standing even for a short period of time very painful and gave my legs an unsightly appearance. My doctor advised me to wear compression stockings. I bought mine from a medical supplies store but there are many different kinds available on Amazon.

Heartburn is also a common problem during this time. Eating small portions every two to three hours and taking enough fluids is the key. I also used Tums, though it’s important not to overuse tums. Earth mama heartburn tea which is natural and safe to use during pregnancy is very helpful and a great substitute for tea to relax and curl up with.

My feet were always hurting and I needed to put my feet up. My husband gifted me a recliner around this time so I could conveniently sit with my feet up and it is still my favorite chair. I always had a foot cream handy in those days and loved it when my husband used it on my feet. I

particularly liked Bella Bee leg and foot cooling cream.

The thing I most remember from this time was being tired and sore and restless. The most wonderful way to relax your mind and body I found was a nice warm bath with essential oils. While taking bath make sure the water temperature is not higher than 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit (that is a little bit warmer than the body temperature). There are several kinds of bath bombs available these days that can make your bath fragrant, effervescent and relaxing. I like Level Naturals Lemon coconut bath bombs.

These products are the things that I lived by during my pregnancy. Hope you find it useful. We include most of these things in Kisserra boxes too. Follow us on Instagram and enter in a chance to win a Kisserra box at our quarterly Instagram giveaway.

Have a wonderful pregnancy and beyond!

Ann, Founder of Kisserra

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