Baby shopping, planning and morning sickness can sometimes keep you so busy that you might forget to express how much you love your spouse or how much you miss his presence. One of the several things you usually miss is doing things that keeps your love intact. Although quite implicit sometimes expressing your thoughts and feelings makes the other person feel good and important. The tides of life both on professional and personal end can sometimes be overwhelming and causes cracks in our relationship. 

The keys to sealing it or preventing it from occuring are understanding, getting into the shoes of the other and more importantly communication. Talk, talk and talk so you get to know each other better in different kinds of situations. It is about love, it is about communication and free expression of thought and feelings that can sustain ties that bond us, even during storms of life.

Personally, I feel souls are connected by the thread of emotions and radical reasoning which is why it is very important to be explicit in expressing  both thoughts and feelings.

Certain things you could do will surely help you to strengthen your bond.

  1. Blending baby work with romance – going to dinner or movie afer baby shopping
  2. Surprising your spouse even with little things he likes, for instance, cooking his favourite food or getting him a new electronic gadget he is fond of.
  3. Planning a date night together 
  4. Frequent hugging and letting your partner know how much he means to you.
  5. Taking frequent pictures together and staying excited about the ultrasound
  6. Planning short road trips or trips to favorite destinations (check with doctor on travel)
  7. Fun play and sharing romantic memories together
  8. Feel your baby kicks together and have fun discussions about your baby
  9. Trying to plan and getting ready to face the challenges that might come up but at the same time make the entire process as pleasurable as possible.

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