One of the hardest things about the first few months of parenting is the crying…and the new schedule where you are never. getting. sleep.

These two things usually go hand-in-hand.

Not knowing how to comfort your child in a way that will make them stop is the biggest learning curve for new parents. This leads to more sleep deprivation, which leads to mom crying with pillows over her ears trying to drown out the noise for five gosh darn seconds…while dad is trying to remain cool and collected until he can hand over the wailing cutie to mom again. 

I may or may not be speaking from personal experience. 

What I can tell you as a mom to three girls with very individual personalities, is that it has always felt to me like there isn't one way to do anything in this parenting gig.

However, there is this baby whisperer of a pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton has a tried and true method for calming his littlest patients after they have gotten a shot amd are obviously very peeved about it. 

If you're doubting Dr. Hamilton's method. He made a second video from his outreach time in Africa. 


Before I saw this, I would have told you to hold baby close and secure while dropping up and down at the knees and make a shushing sound in a very consistent pattern and that may do the trick. I would have also suggested swaddling and shushing.  These things worked on my three girls most of the time. 

Just remember when trying Dr. Hamilton's method – it's only meant for babies within the first three months of life because then they become too big. Also, the angle of the baby is important for safety.

If the method isn't working, consider if baby is sick, has a messy diaper, may need a burp or is hungry and work from there to troubleshoot.

You've got this! 

Also, remember, it's ok to set baby down in the safety of their crib and step away for a few minutes to gather your composure before attempting to sooth them again. Frustration is a natural feeling as a mom, just don't let it boil over while holding your baby. They will be fine while you gather your patience again. 

I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

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