Being pregnant sucking the life out of you?

That’s because pregnancy is not always awesome. And a happy, healthy pregnancy is not always easy to come by.

There is more to that story than glowing skin, healthy appetites, and bigger boobs.

There are sleepless nights, and mornings spent clutching the toilet for dear life while you hurl what feels like every single thing you’ve ever eaten into. And by morning, I mean really anytime of the day, depending.

There is heartburn, and back pain, and acne, and backne.

There are swollen feet, and cankles.

And you can’t even drown your sorrows in coffee and fill in your roots without feeling guilty about it!

We can’t fix any of that (totally would be your healthy pregnancy godmother and wish you pretty and comfy if we could), but we can tell you that there are things you can do to make you feel better.

Like thinking positive, vowing to make the best of it, and focusing on the beauty that is growing within.

While thinking positive is probably not going to rid you of hyperemis gravidarium (and we wouldn’t even suggest that it would), it may help the daily aches and pains, and the fact that your waist line is doubling in size a little more bearable -possibly even enjoyable!

Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Goals: How to Rock Your Pregnancy

Get Some Rest

For real. We know you’ve heard it eleventy billon times, but that’s because it is true: you won’t be able to rest much when baby comes. So get it in now. Not like you can stack up on it or anything. But at least you won’t be on this constant wheel of exhaustion when baby makes her grand entrance.

Have a baby already and this is your second go around? Go back to your new mom advice and nap when baby naps. If you don’t have time for a daytime snooze, be sure to hit the sack when baby does in the evening. It feels old and unproductive to go to bed at 8pm every night, but think about how old and unproductive you are when you’re exhausted! No can have a happy or even super healthy pregnancy without sleep.

Stay Active

If you’re already chasing a toddler around daily, you’ve got this one in the bag. If not, make yourself get a little regular exercise in. Even just a quick walk around your block a couple times a day is great. You will have better stamina come labor day and you will feel better overall as your body starts to expand and carry more weight.

Join is a wonderfully supportive, informative, fun place for new and expecting moms. You can meet other moms who are at the same stage in their pregnancy as you, ask questions, chat with experts, and make new friends. Plus, you can do it while you ride the train in to work because it is a mobile app. BOOM!

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Your medical practitioner should have you and your baby’s best interests in mind as he cares for you through your pregnancy. Remember that and know that if he asks you to do something, it is probably because you need to.

If for some reason you don’t feel supper comf with your OB/GYN or midwife you should very quickly seek a second opinion and, possibly, a new practitioner. You want someone you trust and like bringing your baby into the world.

Keep Your Weight in Check

It’s super easy to really get into that whole eating for two vibe (because, duh, if that means two milkshakes, sign me up!), but the closer you can stay to healthy weight gain, the better you will feel both during and after your pregnancy.

Everyone’s body is different, of course, so we aren’t going to tell you how much weight you should gain. When it comes down to it, what you need to know is that the average pregnant woman only needs to increase her caloric intake by about 300 calories in the second trimester, and 500 in the third. Most don’t need more calories at the beginning and should instead focus on eating better as opposed to more.

Buy Some Maternity Clothing

So many women try to stretch their regular clothes for as long as they can and, that’s cool, we get it, maternity clothes aren’t cheap. But, if you want to feel really fabulous, buy yourself a couple of super cute maternity outfits to rock. They will be comfortable and give you plenty of space for your growing belly, and they will fit well to, no weird riding up or pulling.

Let Your Partner Spoil You

And by let, we kinda mean demand. There is nothing wrong with you requesting a little foot or back rub action a couple of times a week. Your partner should be ready to deliver cold drinks and edible cravings as you see fit. After all, it’s for the baby!

Going it alone? TREAT YO SELF! Take yourself for a prenatal massage, get a pedicure, and never feel guilty about taking time for self care.

Prep Early

Every pregnant woman goes through the frantic nesting period before baby comes. While there’s nothing to stave off this bit of anxiety, you can help yourself out by being organized and ready early. Don’t save things until the last minute -pack your bag, do your registry, your decorating, and everything in your control well in advance, that way when your due date sneaks up on you (or your baby goes with a surprise early entry), you won’t feel so overwhelmed by it all.

Keep a Journal

A good ole fashion one with paper and pen can be super relaxing and cathartic. I kept one with each of my kids’ pregnancies and I cherish them to this day. I even pasted in photos of myself pregnant and ultrasound pics to make it more special.

Go On a BabyMoon

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a weekend away to reconnect with your partner and energize yourself for the big day. Try not to wait until week 39 for this one. If you want to enjoy it, you want to be feeling good and basically no person ever is feeling good come week 39. Also, your getaway could easily be interrupted by a new baby. That would be sad.

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