You know what?

Kids change everything.

Here you are, with your fancy suit and your big words and your live TV Interview on the news, and they really just can not care.

Because it is time to dance in and see what daddy is up to!

All you want to do is live -slay this video interview, get out of this suit, and go back to doing “research” on Netflix (or whatever work at home professors do all day).

But no.

Because kids.

They won’t let you be great.

Know what is great though?

The mom who tried to salvage it (seriously probably didn’t know she could move that fast), and the interviewer who is trying to make light of it (because a kid just rolled up in his walker!), and when you really think about it, dad himself who is really every single one of us ever who was trying to be grown up for a minute only to have our kids prove to us and in this case, the world, that they are the boss of our lives, now and always.

No one cares about North or South Korea right now.

What we care about is his. Because it is basically every mom’s face every day when you’re really just trying not to lose it on somebody.

And I know fellow work at home parents were watching this and screaming, “YASSSSSS!”

Because don’t you know, it is only when you are on a serious conference call with your boss that your toddler just insists that he needs CHEEEEEEEESE. He slept nicely for an hour and watched for 30 minutes without moving, but you got on Skype to freaking talk to a client and he suddenly has to get butt naked and come pee in corner of your office.


We feel you, Mr. Kelly. We. Feel. You.

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