Pregnancy is an exciting time in a women’s life.

So many things to look forward to, and the changes!

They start almost immediately, right in the first trimester, for many of us.

While our non pregnant partners have 10 months or so to adjust to the idea of a new human, we have about two weeks, which is about how long it takes for the majority of pregnant women to begin feeling some symptoms that they have an inter-uterine interloper.

Which is why those shows on TV, where the woman goes into labor without ever knowing she was pregnant, blow my mind.

How can you not have any idea?!

I mean, I get it, every pregnancy is different, not everyone has symptoms in the first trimester, but seriously. I’ve had three of my own and, while no two were the same, no one made me think I was just not even possibly pregnant!

But, that’s just me.

Here’s what could happen to you in your first trimester.

first trimester of pregnancy

Your First Trimester: 10 Things That Will Probably Happen

You may throat punch anyone who comes into contact with your tender boobs, including your bra, because owwwwww…


Try getting a comfy bra for sleeping. The support actually helps the ache a bit.

Where you sit at any location and, in fact, whether you attend at all, will hinge on how easily accessible the bathroom is…


You may not be showing, but that doesn’t mean your uterus isn’t growing already causing added pressure on your bladder. Wait until the 3rd trimester, you won’t even be able to yawn without peeing a little!

You will want to eat all of the food. Pickles with chocolate sprinkles? Yes, please!


Pregnancy cravings are a pretty common pregnancy symptoms all of us have seen depicted in the movies. But, did you know that just as many women also have pregnancy aversions that make them gag at the sight of certain foods?

But then you will barf. Or feel like barfing. In fact, just waking up could make you barf…


Just like smells. Everything smells. Everyone smells. All. OF. THE. SMELLS!


A heightened sense of smell is one of those unfortunate pregnancy symptoms that most women find annoying at best and unbearable at worst.

Fortunately it doesn’t stick around long because, phew, babies can be smelly!

You may fall asleep on the job as well as anywhere else you have to go. If you even make it there, because you might be sleeping.


Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Making a human is exhausting!

And pooping might be hard. And by hard, we mean impossible. And maybe even painful.


Constipation is a legit issue for many pregnant women. You should speak to your practitioner if you need help with what to take for relief.

Which of course might make you cry. Like everything else.


The hormones wreak havoc on your emotions so expect to experience the gamut.

Your face and back might look like those of a 15 year old boy.


It’s the hormones again. Everything is the hormones.

Including the fact that, in spite of your constant nausea, desire to sleep, and inability to poop, you may be feeling quite, er, sexy.


The hormones and the changes in your lady bits may make you into something of a horn dog. So, not only will you look 15, but you might get to act like it too!

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