Now I think you can all agree with me that we all love things that make life easier. Some people say 2017 is a year where much has stalled but I’m here to tell you that they are wrong; at least where you and your baby are concerned. While the mechanics of being pregnant will always remain the same the way we access information and keep track of things has certainly changed. Thanks to some amazing development in “my pregnancy” apps you can now access a whole community of people who know just what you are going through as well as find the right information that you need to keep your health, and that of your baby, in tip top shape.

Is it really all that?

Yes. The “my pregnancy app” not only tells you what you need to know but is also the best way to follow the progress of your pregnancy week by week from start date to birth. Better yet the app is totally free of charge as is created for iphone and for Android so you access it on an array of devices.

During a pregnancy, we all need a little help. It may not be today but we do need it at some point and I guarantee that this little app will not just be good for you and your baby but your friend in times of need and always there for you.