Cloth diapers have come a long way since I was toddling around in them in the 80s.

No more safety pins stuck into plain white towel-looking cloths, the cloth diapers of today are chic and simple and affordable and fun.

Well, as fun as diaper changing can be.

We know that cloth diapering isn’t for every family.

There are countless reasons why it may not be a good fit for you, but if it’s something you’ve thought about, these tips should help you on your way.

Cloth Diapers: 5 Things to Know About Diapering with Cloth

The upfront cost of cloth diapers may be daunting.

Getting started with cloth diapering for your new baby can be quite expensive. You will need to buy your inventory of diapers and, while you can and will need to add to it a bit over time, to be successful you will need a good amount to get you started. Many suggest that you purchase, at minimum, 12 cloth diapers so that you aren’t stuck doing wasteful small loads of laundry daily. The ideal amount would be more like 18-20.

But, you will save money over time.

Your initial investment in cloth diapers will help you save quite a bit of cash over time. estimates that parents you choose cloth diapers will spend about $734 on them for their child from birth to age 2. This amount is over 3 times less than what you’d spend if your child wore disposable!

There are many different types of cloth diapers.

Which one you choose will depend on a few key factors: your lifestyle (do disposable inserts make the most sense for your commuter life? Does your child go to daycare and, if so, do they allow cloth diapers? Etc.), your budget (some types are more expensive than others), and your preference.

They are good for the environment.

We’ve all heard the disposable diapers in the landfill story (they take like 250 years to decompose while cloth take only a few months). But, did you know they also take more of an environmental toll to make too? They are more costly to manufacture and they use more raw materials in the process than cloth diapers do.

They are good for your baby too.

For us, they were the best thing to happen to our baby who was plagued with diarrhea for weeks due to an undetected allergy. Free of the chemicals in disposables that can irritate sensitive skin, cloth diapers can be safer than disposables for children who have these issues.

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