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Talks about pregnancy

Don’t forget self care is important moms! Middle of the day bubble baths are so relaxing.

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Hi! Just had my first baby and looking forward to trying out this app! #myfirstpost

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Good morning, is there any moms who work full time and also go to school? I currently work 40 hours a week and just started my online class today. It’s been a few years since I been in school so I started with just 1 class this quarter so I don’t overwhelm myself. Any advise on how to balance work, school and of course being a mom?

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Oh my it has been a while! Looking back at my "I hate being nauseas and miserable" comments on here lol.. here's the lil man that gave me 9 months of hell but oooh is he worth it! He's 3 months old now and a happy baby! ❤️

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First day of Preschool 🍎✏️

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Hello! #myfirstpost

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My 3 year old will be starting preschool next month, and I have parent orientation next week. She’s growing up so fast 😩

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Приветик мамочки ) меня зовут Юля,мама синочка Матвея 1.3 нахожусь в декретном отпуске,буду рада знакомству🤗🖐 #myfirstpost

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I used to have an insane sex drive before getting pregnant. Like, me and my husband would have sex every day, 2-3 times a day. After getting pregnant (which was planned), I lost all feeling down there. I mean, ALL FEELING. I figured my sex drive would increase after I gave birth. The first couple of weeks after my vaginal delivery, I was so horny (but of course you’re not allowed to have sex that’s on after giving birth). Then I went back to not being horny at all and I’m 3 months post partum.... Read more

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I am the first time mom of a 3-month-old! #myfirstpost

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Всем привет!!! #myfirstpost

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She is so happy! 😍😍😚😁

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So I’m looking for a little month I will be leaving my little one at my parents house over night. (She will be a little over 3mon). I’ve never spent more than like an hour away from her and the thought is giving me a little anxiety/guilt. I have only left my first for one night but she was 4yrs old! Lol She is exclusively bf so I’m pumping and freezing milk to leave with my mom while I’m gone. Since I bf I have no idea how much milk to save. Also I’m not sure how to help her feel c... Read more

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Привет всем #myfirstpost

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So my fiancee and i have been trying since Feb of this year and nothing but then he tells me i feel ALOT tighter down there then i do to the point even while hard its hard to go in.. Im usually not this tight at all.. Im 16DPO and 2days late.. The only thing notice is mood swings,some pressure around my belly button, some sharp pains come and go by the belly button, back pain, unusual strong headaches that just come on and make me throw up.. Could i be pregnant?

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Smh there should really be some restrictions when it comes to gender reveals. My neighbors did something with fireworks and it nearly burnt both our houses down. Luckily we were able to put the fire out fast and without calling the fire department. The only thing ruined is the fence which they agreed to pay for. However things could of been a lot worse... like just keep it simple with the cake or balloons and call it a day. No need to be all extra I understand people be excited but some people d... Read more

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Are there any moms on here familiar with the dog breed Pit Bull Terriers? My boyfriend just bought a 8 week old puppy and he claims the guy told him they’re good protectors for babies. I’m honestly not sure if he’s just saying this because he wants to keep the dog or what... has any of you had experiences with this specific dog being around your kids? I haven’t heard much about this dog breed but I know in some cities they are banned in my state.

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Hey moms so my daughter is 1 month old and she is constipated. She hasn’t been able to poop all day and my boyfriends mom is suggesting putting prune juice in a bottle and mommysBLISS constipation ease but the bottle says 6months+ shes way too young for both of these right? Does anyone know some natural methods I can do to help with her bowel movements. She’s very frustrated and uncomfortable I don’t like seeing my baby in pain. 😔

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Living without a kitchen has been crazy! Especially with the new baby here. But I feel like things are finally coming together. Countertops are supposed to be installed next week 🤞🏼(we stripped it down to the studs before this)

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I’m going through all my clothes to make some room and donate some things and there’s some cute stuff I’ve never even wore. I just keep hanging on to it. Time to let it go. It’s pathetic how hard it is for me to let go of clothing. But I’m getting too old for some of these things lol and others I’m just dreaming about fitting in again 😂

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