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Perrysburg, posts from the channel

Talks about pregnancy

This is what I wake up to everymorning.😂😂😂 -blurry af,if I could I would of filmed it instead.

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Straight facts IDGAF if you're family either

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Can someone give me the whole run down on who Kaitlyn Bennett is bc I'm lost 😂

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My name is Mia not myia

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time sure does fly by fast when you are enjoying life can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my beautiful daughter 💚💚

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Hey mammas! My son will be 2 months on Saturday and is 9ibs. He goes to his 2 month apt Tuesday. We weigh him on our scale now we know that isn’t completely right way to do it but that is the only way at home to weigh him with one of us holding him. He’s growing but not gaining weight since his last apt. I’m breast feeding with some formula what else can we do to get his weight up. We are starting to get worried at his last apt beginning of oct he was 8ib 15 oz and yesterday when we weighed him ... Read more

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Does anyone know if I can still do arm workouts like arm curls when I have the nexplanon implant in. Just got mine and didn’t think of this when she asked if I had questions about it

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I’m feeling so upset over something I can’t change. 6 weeks ago I had a c-section(non emergency) but if I continued with labor he would of ended in an emergency so the drs gave me the choice of what I wanted to do which if either way it was going be a c-section I didn’t want it to be an emergency. My husband was in the room with me and he didn’t bring his phone ( he ALWAYS has that dang thing on him) so I didn’t think I had to tell him to bring it for them to takes Picts after he was born. I was... Read more

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Ugh! Feel like a horrible wife! My husbands birthday was yesterday ( his first birthday with us being married and having our son) my family always goes to my sisters for food, cake n ice cream for everyone birthday no matter how old we are but his family only has parties for the kids so he didn’t want to do anything just be lazy and stay home. So I didn’t plan anything and only got him a Michigan state long sleeve shirt also bought a cake that I forgot all about along with a card I thought he wo... Read more

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5:12AM and can’t sleep for nothing! Who’s up with me? I had my son 6 weeks ago and my husband got a new shift a couple months before he was born that I agreed to 5am-1:30pm so he could be home half the day when our son was born and things were fine but now ever since my husband went back to work 4 weeks ago( he took 2 weeks of PTO after our song was born) I have nightmares and get scared once my husband leaves for work I end up taking our son in the living room with me(putting him in the pack n ... Read more

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How do i explain to my husband that I’m not wanting to go to his family for thanksgiving ( 2 hours away) first time for me going there for thanksgiving, first thanksgiving being married and first thanksgiving as a family. We would stay at his grandmas house over night but I’m becoming really down on myself a lot I’m a month PP and I’m just not wanting to go there with our son around my in laws trying to breast feed (that I still struggle with sometimes) but yet I dont wanna lock myself in a bedr... Read more

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Can I get a tree of life done

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What birth control do you use? I’m leaning tords the implant that goes in the arm

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What do you buy a 3month old for Christmas? I know he’s super young but it will be his first Christmas so just can not get him something

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Ok moms I’m totally struggling. I had my baby a month ago and I’m starting to feel off not myself at all pretty much just lay around I take care of my son when my husband is at work but when he gets home around 2pm I ask him to take care of him. I breast feed but when my husband is home I pump so he can feed him. We were planning on going to his family this year for thanksgiving it would be our first thanksgiving as a family and being married along with first time I go there for thanksgiving but... Read more

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How can someone not love this little cutie💝💝

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Who does our son look like? Mommy or daddy? I wanna take a vote here lol we keep getting so many opinions

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Which one should our little one wear for Halloween?! He will be almost 2 months by then!

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Hi my name is Amanda just had my first baby 2 weeks ago September 9th was due September 2nd. Was induced and ended up having a c-section. Before I even started feeling the contractions my baby boys heart rate would drop during them. They gave me the option to keep going with the contractions but in the end would still end up in an emergency c-section since in an hour he was not handling it well my husband and I made the decision to just get the c-section in an non emergency way. He is healthy an... Read more

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I felt so proud of myself for cleaning up my room and living room so I decided to take myself out for ice cream 😅😂😂

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