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Talks about pregnancy

Hi, my names Madison and I’d like to know more about first time parenting #myfirstpost

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My grandparents are coming to visit for our birthdays in a couple of weeks and I feel like I can't clean enough. My grandparents practically raised me so I have a feeling that I will be getting them down if my place isn't perfect. Is that crazy or pretty normal?

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So Im 3 days from my predicted period...should I wait til I miss it to take a pregnancy test or should I just take it now? Honest opinions? Best guesses?

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How do you know you're pregnant before taking a pregnancy test?

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All ready excited I can't wait to start the real planning

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So my birthday is September 11th and Ill be turning 25 and My daughter Sophia's birthday is September 13th and she'll be 2, My idea is a Disney costume party for both of us to knock out our birthdays in one party. Is this a good idea or bad idea (Picture is Sophia and I)

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Love to all you mamas

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Im selling an Advanced warfare edition Xbox one, anyone interested?

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All I did was ask her to smile cause she looked pretty... and I got ugly face

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Any moms make good money or liveable with a stay at home job? Walmart is killing me i cant work there anymore

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Good or bad picture?

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I got 2 dresses for my elegant nights on our honeymoon cruise i cant wait to get all dolled up #honeymoon #lovehim #carnivalcruise #4yearstogether

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